Meeting Date File
July 11, 2014

106. Chamonix IEFC Sessions: EN-MEF Consolidation, TE-ABT Consolidation, BE-RF Consolidation; Brief Report on the SPS TIDVG; East Area Marguerites Status

July 4, 2014

105. SPSC Report, Chamonix IEFC Session: BE-ABP Consolidation

June 18, 2014

104. Chamonix IEFC Sessions: Beam Instrumentation Consolidation, Magnets Consolidation, Beam Intercepting Devices Consolidation

June 6, 2014

103. Status of Beam Commissioning, Chamonix IEFC Session: Power Converters Consolidation, Action List from SPSC, Leak of SPS Magnets in LSS1, ISOLDE HRS20 Vacuum Leak Update, Update on the AD-target Horn Clamp and Stripline Issue 

May 21, 2014

102. Isolde Magnet Status, TCC2/TDC2 WG Status Report, L2/PSB check-out Status

May 7, 2014

101. Stage commissioning of LINAC4 and reliability run plans, status for argon beams commissioning in the complex, review of AD-target repair activities, report of the BE/CO dry-runs and pending issues

April 23, 2014

100. Readiness of Systems for PSB Start-up, HIE-ISOLDE Project Status Report, SPSC113 Report

April 9, 2014

99. Extent of BE/CO changes during LS1, Commissioning and performances of the new PS ventilation System, Status of the ISOLDE Complex and INTC, Status of the PSPPS Project, Readiness of Systems for LINAC2 Startup

March 26, 2014

98. COLDEX Recommissioning, Connecting LINAC4 and using it at 50 MeV, POPS Status and restarting strategy, n_TOF report from INTC

March 12, 2014

97. SPSC Report, PS Booster Halft Sector Test, EATM Report, AD-target horn etrier and stripline issue, status of EIS tests for the PS PSS Project

February 26, 2014

96. Presentation of the new IEFC Structure, Injector Complex Commissioning: Readiness and Plan, Outcome of Alignment Campaigns during LS1, ECRs for the PS Complex and the SPS, Report from the 2nd Energy Workshop


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