Meeting Date File
June 2, 2017

205. Plans for COLDEX in 2017, Report on the false floor incident in Building 359, Lessons learned from PSB repowering, Status of the PSB Ring 2 C02 cavity issue

May 19, 2017

204. Plans for MEDICIS in 2017, Outcome of the injector MD days, Report on East Area Renovation project, SPS TIDVG update, Consolidation ot the SPS intercom

May 12, 2017

203. Summary of the PSB & PS RF by-pass review, Outcome of the AWWAKE review, Crab cavities: outcome of the review, status and commissioning plans, Mandate for the North Area consolidation study

April 28, 2017

202. Report from the SPSC, Vacuum specification for components to be installed in the accelerators, Plans for HiRadMat in 2017, Update on Linac2 vaccum leak, Status of HIE-ISOLDE

April 21, 2017

201. PS cable identification status, Outcome of the GBAR safety review

April 7, 2017

200. Update and plans for CLEAR, YETS planning update 2017-2018, Maintenance of Linac2 RF during the EYETS 2017, Activities on the Linac4 LLRF for the reliability run in 2017, Status of Linac2 vaccuum

March 24, 2017

199. Plans for the Xenon ions throughout the injector complex in 2017, status of the new POPS capacitor container, impact on the PSB restart of delays in equipment repowering.

March 17, 2017

198. PS 40/80 MHz spare situation and needs, LINAC4 Reliability Run readiness and plans, Status of the SPS tunnel transfer lines (TT0, TT20), PSB repowering status update, Matrix changes in the NA

March 10, 2017

197. BioLEIR status and plans, Status of the POPS containers and POPS recommissioning plans, Report on Linac2 proton source tests, Report on the 66kV power cut, Issue with SPS SEM-grid upstream of the TIDVG

March 3, 2017

196. Status of EYETS Survey Activities, 100kV transformer failure in the ELENA source, Status of the heat leak search in the HIE-ISOLDE cryo system

February 17, 2017

195. Outcome of RP measurements on the efficiency of the improved PS shielding in the extraction region, TIDGV activity status

February 10, 2017

194. ELENA commissioning status and report, LINAC4 Half sector test: status and plans, Status of the new POPS capacitor containers, Status of water leak in LINAC4, Suppression of the null-field probes in the North Area, Announcement of the GBAR safety review

February 3, 2017

193. HIE-ISOLDE status and plans for 2017, Status of vaccum leak in TT10

January 20, 2017

192. AD operation in 2016 and plans for consolidation, Feedback from the SPSC, Strategy for consolidation work on Linac2 tuners, CO3 mandate and organisation

December 9, 2016

191. IWG report, Follow up of C&S review for the LIU project, Summary of the LIU-SPS beam dump review, MD results of SPS crystal assisted extraction, IRWG update, online tracking tool for machine re-commissioning check lists

November 18, 2016

190. Linac3 RF consolidation work, Linac4 160 MeV commissioning results, Overview of 2016 MDs and future plans, AD-ALPHA LHe consumption increase for 2018, East Area Cost and Schedule review mandate

November 11, 2016

189. Report on Linac2 issues, INTC report-ISOLDE, INTC report-nTOF, Report on AWAKE equipment heating issue in EHN1

November 4, 2016

188. Report from SPSC, Mandate for Mr Circuit in the injectors, Proposal for Accelerator Fault Tracking in the injectors, Update on the 400 kV substation at Bois-Tollot

November 2, 2016

187. SPS internal dump (TIDVG) exchange, Intervention on the injection kickers in SPS and LHC: strategy and proposition for approval

October 21, 2016

186. SPS fire safety project, COLDEX plans for 2017, NA users proton requests, Implications of 2017 NA PoT requests, Results from the soft clamp installation in the SPS


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