Meeting Date File
July 11, 2018

237. Feedback on beam quality run and future plans for L4. AOB: Feedback on power cut tests before ITS1. AOB: Electrical Safety for Vacuum Equipment in the SPS

June 15, 2018

236. SPS beam instabilities effects on TI2 extraction. SPSC report. AOB: Access control for the neutrino platform

June 8, 2018

235. Crab cavity results and upcoming runs. Charm report. AOB: update on the North Area transformer MBE20103

June 1, 2018

234. Report from IWG. Vacuum valves in the SPS. Update on HiRadMat/AWAKE intensity requirements. EN-EL proposal to advance some activities from LS2 to Run 2018. AOB: Status and Plans for the North Area transformer MBE20103

May 25, 2018

233. Access system upgrade in the SPS in LS2. Controls Change Requests: feedback after YETS. EA C&S review report. PS_CSAP report. AOB: ZS Tank4 intervention and status report. AOB: ELENA Secondary Emission Monitors status

May 4, 2018

232. Recommissioning of the Injectors after YETS2017/18. NA Consolidation plans. AOB: AD target water leak report

April 20, 2018

231. Commissioning of CM4. AFT injectors status and planning.  AOB: Update on crab cavity installation.

April 13, 2018

230. Update on injector schedule. Transverse emittance coherence through the injectors. Status report on the AD horn power generator

March 16, 2018

229. HIE Isolde status

March 9, 2018

228. Report on magnet ripple corrections in the SPS

March 2, 2018

227. INTC report, ELENA status and planning, Magnet earthing in the injector chain, Update on the injector schedule, Status of Injector Kicker in AD, Crab Cavities activities status update

February 16, 2018

226. Crab Cavities test stand, installation status, Report on possibility to recover LIU related RF commissioning for PS, Follow-up of the SPS LSS2 slow extraction losses and induced radioactivity in 2017, Status of the ELENA e-cooler leak detection

February 9, 2018

225. Report on the 1st part of the BE-OP Linac4 reliability run and plans for the 2nd part, Report on the SPSC of 23-24 January, ELENA e-cooler issues: status, mitigation plans & impact on schedule, MD endorsement, MD plans for the BDF in T6 of TDC2, Feedback from the Evacuation drill in SPS

January 19, 2018

224. Summary of the 2017 slow extraction workshop, Status of AD stochastic cooling amplifiers

January 12, 2018

223.PS and TT2 schedule during YETS, Draft 2018 Injectors Schedule, PS RF system start-up in 2018, MD requirements and plans for 2018,Status report on the Control Change Requests.

December 8, 2017

222. MTE with high intensity and future of CT, Update on LINAC4 reliability run, Refurbishment of the PS complex layout and integration drawings, Assessment of EHN1/EHN false floors

December 1, 2017

221. PS and TT2 schedule during YETS, Draft 2018 Injectors Schedule, PS RF system start-up in 2018, MD requirements and plans for 2018, Status report on the Control Change Requests, Update on Linac4 reliability run

November 17, 2017

220. Outcome of the SPS Fire Safety project review. AOB: status of feedback for users needs in terms of cooling for the PS cooling upgrade during LS2

November 3, 2017

219. Report from RP survey with robot in SPS, SPSC report, Outcome of the SPS safety project review, Update on Linac2 decommissioning

October 20, 2017

218. Future PS & TT2 Cooling System


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